League Format

  • IGL is essentially a team game where individuals perform for their team. There are 4 teams with each team having minimum of 8 players in its match-day playing squad.

Team Formation

  • Each team squad composition must include four male gymnasts and four female gymnasts comprising of senior, junior and sub-junior players. Each teams is led by selected captain and are continuously guided by coaches and mentors throughout the competition.

Match Format

  • Every match is divided into four rounds and in each round any 2 gymnasts from the competing teams can perform on the given event, such as vault, tumble track, rings, beam, etc. Each match will have 16 performances by each team, where each gymnast can perform at least once and at maximum thrice.


  • A panel of judges will assign scores based on individual’s performance which is added to the team score and the team with a higher score after all four rounds is declared the winner.